Les Pléiades – the 30th anniversary of the Fracs

In addition to the cartes blanches offered to regional artists, to mark the 30th anniversary of the Regional Contemporary Art Collections, from 28th September 2013 the 23 Frac are providing a group exhibition at Les Abattoirs de Toulouse, the first since the creation of the Frac.

Deputy commissioners:
Xavier Franceschi (director of the Frac Ile-de-France),
Laurence Gateau (director of the Frac des Pays de La Loire),
Claire Jacquet (director of the Frac Aquitaine),
Olivier Michelon (director of Les Abattoirs - Frac Midi-Pyrénées).

The Pleiades exhibition, presented over the 4 floors of Les Abattoirs in Toulouse, brings together the 23 proposals developed by each of the Regional Contemporary Art Collections in their regions since the beginning of 2013. By adopting the title of this anniversary event, The Pleiades, the exhibition builds upon an extension and a crystallisation of a brand new experience, as it is the first project in France to involve all the Frac. The Pleiades indeed draws 23 works from collections by as many artists, following a stage during which each Frac gave free reign to one or several artists on its collection. All of these invitations reflect the willingness of the Frac to show the extent to which artists are at the heart of their activities, from the collections to the production of works, through exhibitions, mediation and dissemination.

An exhibition of exhibitions and of collections, The Pleiades takes variation as a founding motif, like an infinite loop that links collection and exhibition to express their interdependence, like a Mobius strip, in the everyday activity of these institutions. Visitors will therefore discover that the exhibition presented regionally by each Frac becomes an exhibition in Toulouse which each and every time is neither completely the same nor entirely different, according to a variation dear to Verlaine. Amplified by the subjectivity of the guest artists assembled together in a single venue, the individual character of each institution outlines distinct paths in art over these last thirty years. Many paths have been opened and promoted by the acquisition policies and support for art in each. #### Invités : ####

Jean-Michel Alberola, Francis Baudevin, Marc Bauer, Otto Berchem, Alejandro Cesarco, Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Jordi Colomer, Alain Declercq, Sophie Dejode et Bertrand Lacombe, Marcel Dinahet avec Jean-Marc Huitorel (art critique), Claire Fontaine, Dora García, Gavillet & Rust, Éric Hattan, Guillaume Leblon, Anita Molinero avec Paul Bernard (art critic), Laurent Montaron, Hugues Reip, Bernard Tschumi, Olivier Vadrot, Xavier Veilhan, Heidi Wood, Raphaël Zarka, Wilhiam Zitte.

Public Partners

Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication (Direction générale de la création artistique et Directions régionales des affaires culturelles)
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Institut français
Centre national des arts plastiques (CNAP)
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The City of Toulouse
Région Midi-Pyrénées
Région Languedoc-Roussillon

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